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Doug Felton 2006
Gordon Rockafeller 06
Hub Grounds
Tom Losk
Rick Carsone
Mac Jensen 06
Doug Felton 2006 Tok Management Area 40.25" Ram

"Matt, My hunt with you in the TMA was my first ever sheep hunt and what a fabulous experience you made it. During the 5-day pursuit of my ram we saw other sheep that I would have been content with but you endured more climbs to get me within range of the best possible sheep that you knew was there. So, a huge thanks to Alaska Hunting Adventures for a fantastic sheep hunt!!"

Doug Felton 208-376-9383

Gordon Rockefeller 2006 Tok Management Area 42" Ram

Frank's name had been recommended to me over 20 years ago by another Alaskan I had run into at the show. I couldn't have dreamed, hoped or wished for a better guide. Also, Frank brought along Caleb Herkstroeter to help with the packing. Caleb turned out to be one of the toughest young men I have ever met and a real gentlemen to boot. I have been on 20 plus sheep hunts and Frank and Caleb were the best of the best without a doubt.

Gordon Rockefeller 607-785-8619
Hub Grounds 2006 Tok Management Area 41" Ram

"Matt was great to hunt with, well organized from start to finish. Matt is a very humble man. He knows every nook and craney in the TOK Management Area. This hunt in the Tok Management Area is my hunt of a lifetime!!!!!!!!

Hub Grounds 928-757-2641
W. Mac Jensen 2006 Tok Management Area 37" Ram

I rank my TMA hunt with Alaska Hunting Adventures a tremendous success. They were truly intent on providing as good a hunt as possible as demonstrated by their pre-hunt preparation, hospitality upon my arrival and efforts during my hunt. My hunt had the feel of being guided by knowledgeable friends that were sincerely interested in the best outcome possible. I recommend Alaska Hunting Adventures for sheep hunting in the Tok without hesitation.

W. Mac Jensen 713.784.1288
Rick Carosone 2006 Tok Area 40" Ram

"You not only gave me a great adventure but a hunt of a lifetime and a sheep of several lifetimes. Anyone with a Tok Management Area (TMA) license would be crazy not to book with the three of you. Your hard work and dedication to making your clients successful is second to none and your success speaks for itself. You not only know sheep well but you are intimately involved in the management of the herds. I cannot imagine having a better hunting experience ever in my lifetime.

Rick Carosone 208-221-3461
Tom Losk 2006 Tok Management Area 40.5" Ram

"Just a little note to let you know that these folks know sheep! Frank, Sue, and Matt run an excellent family operation. They know the area well, "others may guide in Tok, but these folks live there." You will not go wrong by hunting with this family. It is truly an Alaska hunting adventure! Good Hunting,

Tom Losk   dlosk@aol.com